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Signed by Bees.


Wonders of nature: our nature-loving design pieces.

The special feature of Darbo beekeeper's honey is its purity and naturalness. To emphasize this, we had the first 100% organic labels made by Austrian bees. For this purpose, special porcelain jars were designed and delivered to Darbo's beekeepers.

They placed the honey jars directly in the hives - from then on, the bees did the work. This is how simple jars became uniquely designed containers. These were sent to selected restaurateurs, hoteliers and grocery shoppers to promote the uniqueness of beekeeper's honey.

Not only did Signed by Bees get to the heart of the naturalness of its honey, it also earned DMB. a Cannes Gold Lion.

Signed by Bees
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Custom-made boxes for the jars were placed in hives. Each hive produced its own organic labels.