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In Vino Veritas.


A very special design for a very special vintage.

The year 2020 was marked by negative headlines: Corona, Corona deniers, investigative committees, political scandals and more. But there was not only Bad News, but also Fake News. Hardly any other year divided opinions and minds so much and blurred the lines between truth and lunacy so often.

The DMB. Brandshop team wanted to dedicate a very special vintage to this very special year: "In Vino Veritas" - in wine lies the truth. Under this motto, we designed a special edition for the Stiftsweingut Herzogenburg with formative headlines of the year 2020, which did not take it quite so exactly with the truth.

We took "In Vino Veritas" literally. The respective counterstatement of the headline was printed on the back of the label and made legible by the wine. Specially designed so that it came out perfectly "in vino".

A small feat for the DMB. Brandshop and a really good vintage in terms of design.

Stiftsweingut Herzogenburg
In Vino Veritas.
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